What Are Some Common Computer Mouse Problems?


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The most common computer mouse problems are that it doesn't do anything, or when it does, it moves too quickly, too slowly or is erratic and seems to jump about. There can also be problems with clicking or double-clicking the mouse buttons, or chording, if the mouse allows it.

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As long as the mouse is functioning, most movement problems, like moving too slowly, too quickly or erratically, have fairly simple solutions. If the cursor moves too slowly or too quickly, or if moving it a large distance translates to too little cursor movement on the screen or vice versa, tweaking the settings in the mouse software often solves the problem.

An erratically moving mouse may necessitate cleaning the bottom of the mouse. For an optical mouse, clean the lens on the bottom. For a ball mouse, removing the ball and cleaning the inside rollers often results in smoother movement. Also, an optical mouse doesn't work on glass surfaces, nor does any mouse using anything other than a mouse pad.

If the mouse isn't functioning at all, more troubleshooting may be necessary. A loose connection, a bad cable or the wrong mouse driver may account for the problem.

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