What Are Some Common Computer Error Codes?


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Some common Windows error codes are Error #5, Error #20, Error #71, Error #602 and Error #606. Other Windows error codes are Error #678, Error #779 and Error #800.

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It's normal to occasionally receive error messages when working with a system operated by Windows. While some common errors are easy to fix, others may require professional assistance. Additionally, attempting to fix certain errors may damage the computer system.

Error #602 is an error message saying that the port is already open. For a possible solution, first reboot the computer, then make sure that no programs are using the modem and press Ctrl-Alt-Delete. If RNAAPP starts loading, this is a sign that a professional needs to be contacted. Otherwise, try uninstalling any AOL adapters in the Network Control Panel, reboot the computer again and then reinstall the adapters.

Error #606 is an error saying that the port is not connected. To get rid of it, first navigate to the modem's COM port, then click More Info in the Diagnosis section. If there are ATI responses, enter "ATZ" as the init. Reinstalling the modem may also help.

Error #678 states that there is no answer. Make sure phone lines are properly plugged in and that the Access Number is correct. Otherwise, try a different Access Number or try installing the modem drivers again.

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