What Are Some Common Complaints About AT&T?


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Common customer complaints about AT&T Wireless include complaints about spotty cell service, too-small service areas, rude AT&T employees and difficulties finding resolutions for simple problems. Many customers report long wait times when calling customer service lines.

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In their complaints, some AT&T customers claim they were overcharged and then forced to make multiple laborious calls before AT&T resolved the issues. Many complaints allege that AT&T's customer service department takes a lackadaisical attitude towards technical problems. Some report speaking to rude service representatives that refuse to provide their names upon request. In other complaints, customers describe speaking with customer representatives who, while well-meaning, sorely lacked training or experience.

Many AT&T users also complain about AT&T's steep fee for reconnecting services after they are shut off for non-payment. More than a few AT&T complaints center around dishonest or aggressive sales pitches. Many AT&T customers complain that the company initially offered free services or price guarantees that ultimately proved costly. Such complaints describe guarantees of specific monthly service rates that the company eventually breaks, resulting in larger-than-expected bills.

Quite a few complaints note cell service interruptions lasting days or weeks, though this problem may not exist to the same extent in all areas. Some customers report slower-than-advertised speeds from AT&T's Internet services and frequent postponements of repair services..

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