What Are the Most Common Complaints About PC Matic?


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The most common complaints about PC Matic question its claims that it speeds up computers by eliminating malware and old installation files and drivers that computers collect over time. Further, users complain that its antivirus protection returns false positives and may not be as comprehensive as the product description indicates.

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Using PC Matic may slow a computer down even more because of the way it works; even performing a simple diagnostic check can eat up RAM memory, according to CPAPracticeAdvisor.com. In addition, users' early attempts to configure PC Matic also tend to slow down systems, one indication that it PC Matic is not as suitable for novices as it's advertised to be. Further, there are many reports that PC Matic malware checkers block the use of legitimate software.

Another major source of complaints is that PC Matic antivirus scans return false positives, an expensive problem for IT managers who have to hire outside consultants to verify that computers are virus-free. Moreover, JohnDsComputers.com questions disallowing, or at least warning against, using software not on the program's white list as opposed to using more proactive antivirus defense, such as McAfee and Norton antivirus software, that is capable of scanning for boot sector viruses.

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