What Are Some Common Cellphones on EBay?


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Common cellphones on eBay include Apple iPhone 5s, Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, LG Optimus G Pro and Nokia Lumia 1020. Cellphone brands in demand on eBay include Apple, Samsung, HTC and Blackberry.

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Major service providers such as T-Mobile, Cellular or Alltell are associated with popular cellphones on eBay. Cellphone brands that make locked phones using a specific service want their customers to buy specific cellphones. According to eBay, RAZR V3 is the most popular cellphone in the world, which is manufactured by Motorola and has a limitation to T-Mobile. HTC, Blackberry, Samsung and Apple are among the oldest brands that produce most of the popular phone brands sold on eBay. Some of the popular unlocked phones are Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Apple iPhone 4, Blackberry Curve and HTC Inspire 4G.

The popularity of some smartphones on eBay depends on the type of buyer. Some buyers are interested in smartphones that keep them connected to the office, and their favorite phones include the Blackberry and Palm Treo. The T-Mobile Sidekick 3 is a popular cellphone model among buyers who enjoy messaging. Customers who enjoy the ultimate multimedia mobility prefer an the Apple iPhone, the Motorola Q or the Samsung Blackjack.

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