What Are Common CD Player Problems?


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Some common CD player problems include the sound not working or being distorted, the sound skipping, the disk drive not rotating, and the CD tray not opening or closing properly. A player may also not play CDs at all.

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If a CD player doesn't work at all, the owner should first ensure it's connected to a power supply. Next, he should check whether the electrical cord is in good condition and replace it if necessary. If the player still doesn't power up, the owner should open it, inspect its fuses, test the power switch and replace any faulty components.

If a CD player works but doesn't produce any sound, the owner should first check the connections from the player to the sound system. If the connections are okay, the owner should remove the player's casing and carefully wipe the laser lens with the aid of a cotton bud and pure alcohol or methylated spirit. If the player's sound skips, the owner should inspect the CD for dirt or scratches. If the sound is distorted, the owner should inspect the output jacks and clean the dirty ones.

If a player's CD tray doesn't open or close properly, the owner should inspect the belt and check whether the tray is properly aligned.

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