What Are Some Common Causes of Issues With Printing a PDF File?


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The common causes of issues with printing a PDF file are printer error, corrupted PDF file and computer software problem. When solving the printing issue, it is necessary to determine which of these is causing the problem. Adobe Acrobat Support offers step-by-step solutions to each of these problems.

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Printer error may be due to improper cable connection or incompatibility of the printer driver with the PDF reader software, in which case an update of the printer driver is necessary. If the problem is a corrupted PDF file that looks fine on the screen, the user may still print it by using the "Print as image" option. Otherwise, copy or download the PDF file again or recreate it. If the cause of the problem is the computer software, a simple restart of the computer may solve the issue, or download the latest update of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

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