How do you combine two sets of data in one graph in Excel?


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To combine two sets of data in a single graph in Excel, select the Combo chart type in the All Charts group. Select a different graph type for each set of data, and customize each graph in a way that best suits your needs.

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  1. Select the data

    Enter both sets of data in Excel. Click and drag the mouse over the cells that contain the two sets of data to select them.

  2. Create the graph

    Navigate to the Insert tab, and find the Charts group. Click on the Recommended Charts selection that is located in the group. Go to All Charts, and select Combo as a main chart type, and Clustered Column - Line as a secondary chart type. Navigate toward the bottom of the Insert Chart window, and select your desired chart type for each individual set of data. Decide which set of data you would like to display along the secondary axis, and tick the Secondary Axis box for that set of data to confirm the selection. Press OK in the chart window to create the graph.

  3. Customize the graph

    Click various parts of the graph to add titles and short descriptions. Use the various chart customization tools, such as Chart Styles, Axis and Background, to completely redesign the look of your graph. Save your graph when you finish.

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