How Do You Combine PDF Files?

How Do You Combine PDF Files?

Drag and drop your PDF files onto the SmallPDF home page to rearrange the pages and merge the files. You need the PDF files and an Internet-ready computer to start the process.

  1. Arrange your PDF files

    Locate the PDF files in your folders, and transfer them all to the desktop or a single folder for quick access. Minimize the folder when done.

  2. Navigate to SmallPDF

    Open a Web browser, and navigate to the SmallPDF home page. The service is free to use and provides an online method for merging PDF files and rearranging individual pages without the need to install a third-party program.

  3. Drag and drop the PDF files

    Leave the SmallPDF Web page open on the desktop. Restore the PDF folder, and place it to one side of the screen. Select each PDF you want to merge, and drag them to the blank area on the SmallPDF page. Alternatively, click the Choose File button, and import your PDF files individually.

  4. Arrange and merge the files

    Click the File Mode button, and rearrange the PDF files in the order you prefer. Click the Page Mode button to rearrange individual pages. Click Merge to start the process. Wait for SmallPDF to finish merging the files, and click the Download File Now button to retrieve your final PDF file.