How Do You Combine Cells in Excel?


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To combine cells in Microsoft Excel, select two or more cells that are immediately next to each other. Click the Home ribbon and then the Merge and Center button. Change the text alignment of the newly created cell if necessary.

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  1. Choose and select cells

    Choose at least two cells you want to combine. Cells must be immediately to the right, left, above or below another cell in order for them to be combined. Click one cell, hold down the Shift key and then click another cell to select multiple cells.

  2. Combine the cells

    With the cells selected, click the Home tab to reveal formatting options. Find the Merge and Center button under the menu labeled Alignment. Press the Merge and Center button. The cells you selected are combined into one cell.

  3. Change formatting options

    The Merge and Center button automatically centers the text in the newly created cell. If you want to change the formatting, click on the left or right alignment icon. Additionally, you can unmerge the cells if you mistakenly merged an incorrect cell. With the newly created cell still highlighted, click the arrow next to the Merge and Center button. Select the Unmerge option from the drop-down menu.

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