What Are Some Collectible Camera Models ?


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Collectible camera models include 1974 to 1976 SL2 Leicaflex cameras, Kodak's Brownie models, the original Model A Leica, and Polaroid's Land Camera Model 95. The German-made 35 millimeter Leicaflex cameras have full-area matte focusing screens with central split-image rangefinders.

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Kodak's Brownie cameras cost $1 when they came on the market in 1900. The company named the devices after a series of children's books featuring elves clad in brown clothes. The expensive 1926 Model A Leica has alligator skin and gold plating.

Polaroid first offered the Land Camera 95 in 1948. This model produced sepia-toned pictures within a few minutes. Photographers had to separate the negative layer from the positive print.

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