What Are the Codes for Roku Used For?


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Roku private channel codes allow users to access channels that are not listed in the Roku Channel Store. The private channel codes are entered into the Add Channel form found by clicking Add a Private Channel under Manage Account in the My Account page on the Roku website.

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Channel developers create private channels for a variety of reasons. Some private channels might contain content that Roku deems inappropriate for inclusion in the Roku Channel Store. Others might be future public channels released as private channels as part of a testing phase. Some might be published as private channels so that the owners of these channels can control who has access, such as with members-only and corporate-related streams.

Because private channels are not regulated by Roku, the company does not provide technical support for any problems viewers might experience while using them. This does not mean, however, that using private channels is illegal or goes against Roku's terms of service. Instead, users are, in fact, encouraged to "explore what's out there," and the company has acknowledged the fact that 25 percent of users have installed at least one private channel, and more private channels are being installed than public ones. Roku does warn users, however, that the chance of encountering poor video quality, playback issues and other similar problems is higher on channels not included in its public channel store.

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