Which Codes Match a Sony Television With a One for All Remote?

Sony televisions use the codes 111, 011, 273, 000 and 080 for their televisions. The Sony television can be linked to your One-For-All remote by using one of these codes.

The One-For-All remote control can take control of all of your devices all in the simplicity of one remote.

In order to program the remote, you must first press the button for the device that you wish to program into the One-For-All remote, then release the button.

Next, press and hold the setup button. Hold the button in place until the red LED light flashes twice. Afterwards, release the button. Then enter the 3 digit code for the device you wish to program.

For a Sony television, the code should be either 111, 011, 273, 000 or 080. Try each of these codes until one of them works. Upon entering the code, your remote should signal receiving the code by displaying two flashes of the LED light after the three-digit code has been entered.

Test that the code has worked by pressing the power button on the remote. If the correct code was entered and the remote has been programmed properly, the device should turn on.

Sit back and enjoy the ease of convenience.