What Is CoconutBattery?


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CoconutBattery is a free software application designed for Macbook laptops. The application shows the current battery charge, the maximum battery capacity, the original battery capacity, and battery temperature and usage. It also gives the user information about the computer model and manufacture date.

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CoconutBattery allows users to save their current battery capacity in order to see changes in the computer's battery health over time.

To maintain battery health and maximize battery life, avoid charging the computer to 100 percent capacity all the time. Keeping battery load cycles shallow puts less stress on the battery. Keeping the battery temperature low is another effective way to extend its life. CoconutBattery provides a clear picture of what's happening to help the user take better care of the battery. The online service "coconutBattery Online" allows users to upload their information and compare it with others to get helpful tips.

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