How Do You Close and Delete a Running App in IOS 7?

How Do You Close and Delete a Running App in IOS 7?

In iOS 7, in order to delete an application or close one that is running the home button should be double tapped. Tap and hold the app to delete it. Swipe it up to close it.

  1. Close the running app

    The process for closing an app that is running in iOS 7 is different compared to previous versions of the operating system. Start by double tapping the home button, which brings up cards showing a preview of each running app. Select the appropriate app by swiping left or right to scroll through the cards. Once the app is located, tap and hold it, then swipe it upwards off the screen. Tap the home button to return to the home screen.

  2. Delete the app from iOS 7

    The process for deleting apps will be familiar to users of operating systems before iOS 7. It starts by locating the app that is to be deleted on the home screen of the device. This is done by the normal sweeping left and right through the apps main screens. Once the app is found tap and hold the icon. It will start to wobble along with the other apps on the screen. A small gray X will also appear in the top corner. Tap on the X and then tap Delete to confirm the removal of the app from the device.