How to You Close Apps on an IOS 7?


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To close an application that is running in iOS 7, first view all of the applications currently open on the operating system. Select the application you want to close, and swipe upward to terminate the application. On iOS 7, once an application opens, it continues to run even if you have closed out the window and opened a new application. Closing applications in iOS7 can help the performance of the device. It can also help save battery life because some applications that are running in the background may drain the battery, even when they are not in use.

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  1. View all open applications

    Double-tap on the home button of the Apple device. The home button is located at the bottom of the device. All currently running applications will appear.

  2. Select the application you want to close

    Swipe to the left or the right to locate the application you wish to terminate.

  3. Terminate the application

    Tap and hold down the icon for the application that you want to close. Next, swipe upward to terminate the application.

  4. Close additional applications

    Swipe left and right to locate any other applications that you want to close. Hold down on the application's icon, and swipe upwards to terminate additional applications.

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