What Are Some Free Clocks and Calculators Online?


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A simple mathematical calculator and a scientific calculator are available for free on Online-Calculator.com. Free online clocks are available on Clock Tab, Online Clock, and Online Stopwatch.

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The mathematical calculator on Online-Calculator.com can perform basic arithmetic functions, whereas the website's scientific calculator is capable of more advanced operations such as computing logarithms and calculating trigonometric ratios. Calculator.net claims its sole focus is to provide fast, comprehensive, convenient, free online calculators in a plethora of areas. The website offers numerous mathematical and financial calculators, as well as calculators for fields such as weight loss and pregnancy. Some financial calculators on the site include mortgage, loan and interest calculators. Calculator.net has over 120 online calculators in total.

OnlineClock.net offers a free online clock with timer, stopwatch and alarm functions. Users can also toggle the display type of the clock between analog and digital displays. ClockTab.com also has a simple online clock. Clock Tab lacks alarm and stopwatch capabilities, but possesses information on the day and week as well as the time. Online-Stopwatch.com contains a number of free online clocks, such as a countdown timer, a stopwatch and a split lap timer. Online Stopwatch's standard online clock can be switched between Roman numeral, Swiss and number displays.

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