How Do You Find Free Clipart Images of Houses?

How Do You Find Free Clipart Images of Houses?

The easiest way to find royalty-free clip art images is to use a search engine on the Internet, typing in the phrase, "free clip art sites." Filter the results by sites that appear to offer the type of designs for which you are looking.

  1. Open a browser

    Open the Internet browser you are most comfortable using.

  2. Go to a search engine site

    Most browsers allow you to type directly into the address bar to search, but if not, open Google, Yahoo or Bing.

  3. Search for free clip art

    Enter your request, using phrases such as "free clip art sites" or "royalty-free clip art."

  4. Choose a site

    Check out the sites that your search turns up, and look for your desired image.

  5. Pick your clip

    Scan through the archive titles, or simply type the name of what you are looking for into the website's search bar.