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ClickPotato software was an adware browser add-on developed by Pinball Corporation, and it claimed to provide users access to free online video content. However, this software was considered malware by a number of different anti-virus scanners, including Avast, BitDefender and Symantec.

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ClickPotato was usually found on questionable sites such as those that offer pirated movie downloads. These sites would display messages to users indicating that they must download a video codec to play free videos. However, the codec was actually the ClickPotato adware. After they had downloaded the adware, users were spammed with annoying and irrelevant ads. If users clicked on any of the ads, they were directed to websites with other dangerous malware.

Even after downloading and installing ClickPotato, users would still be unable to watch any free videos. In addition to subjecting users to the irritating pop-up ads, ClickPotato would make other changes to the user's computer, such as installing unwanted screensavers or changing a web browser's default homepage.

If users suspect that that this malware has been installed, they should run a full system scan using a malware program that is updated with current definitions. After the program has identified the malware, the program can safely remove and quarantine the malware.

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