How Does Cleverbot Evie Work?

Cleverbot Evie operates using an artificial intelligence program that interacts with users writing or talking to it through an advanced visual avatar. Evie's artificial intelligence program is able to learn from the people who it interacts with, as it stores all previous interactions inside its database. Cleverbot Evie's program also allows it to chat in multiple languages, including German, Spanish, English, Turkish and French.

Evie's artificial intelligence program is able to control the facial movements and expressions of the visual avatar. The program also includes lip-syncing support and is able to access a wide variety of voice options that are used in the program's user interaction. As of 2015, Cleverbot Evie is available for flash-supporting browsers and can also be used on mobile devices running either iOS or Android.

Cleverbot is developed by Existor, a technology company that was established in 2007 to promote research for artificial intelligence, machine learning and the promotion of Evie. Existor states that the Cleverbot program database contains 250 million rows of data and allows the company to develop specialties in both GPU programming and Big Data. In addition to Cleverbot, Existor also offers the Cleverscript program that works in conjunction with a mini version of Cleverbot to create scripts.