How do you clear your wish list on retail sites?


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To clear individual items off a wish list, click "Delete" next to each of the items. To delete an entire list, click the link that allows you to carry out actions for the whole list, and choose the option to eliminate the entire set of wishes.

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One of the most popular retail wish lists appears on the Amazon website. After you add an item to the list, you have the option to edit or delete that item. Editing the item involves changing the quantity or other options such as the color or size, while deleting the item removes it. Clearing the whole list while keeping the list open for adding other items at a later time requires deleting the items one at a time. It's possible to delete the whole list by clicking the "List action" link at the list's heading and choosing the option to remove the whole list.

WishList.com is a website that allows users to add items from multiple websites. To clear this list, delete all of the items one at a time, using the "Delete" link next to each. While it's possible to delete your account, it's not possible to delete an entire WishList list with one push of a button as of 2015.

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