Are the Clear TV Online Reviews Accurate?


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Online reviews of Clear TV appear to be accurate. They are a mixture of positive and negative reviews, and most reflect strengths and weakness about Clear TV HD antennas that the company discloses upon its website.

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Many online reviews about Clear TV challenge the advertised claim that the Clear TV HD antenna can pick up hundreds of HD channels. Reviewers state that the Clear TV picks up an average of 12 channels at most. The Clear TV website does not specify that the antenna only picks up broadcast channels in HD, which does not include cable channels.

To its credit, Clear TV admits on its website that the Clear TV antenna works best when strategically positioned on the inside surface of an exterior wall and facing the direction of transmission towers located no more than 30 miles away. The company sells an amplifier to boost weak or intermittent signals.

Reviewers explain that signals are frequently faint or intermittent and that decent reception is difficult to attain, no matter where one places the antenna. On the other hand, a handful of reviewers have praised the product to no end, claiming it performed exactly as advertised and saved them money. Some reviewers contend that the set of variables that good antenna reception is contingent upon are more at fault than the product itself.

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