How Do You Know If a Clear TV Digital HD Antenna Works for You?

Clear TV antennas potentially work for anyone. As of 2015, you only have to connect the antenna to the antenna input on the back of your television, and then place the actual Clear TV antenna on the inside surface of an exterior wall.

The Clear TV antenna works just like a rabbit-ears antenna in that it simply picks up broadcast signals. The difference is that older antennas received analog signals. Since the digital television transition, television signals broadcast in digital, and decoding these signals requires special tuners.

The Clear TV antenna's hardware contains this kind of specialized digital tuner. Even so, getting great reception and crystal-clear channels without the aid of a cable box or a satellite in an age of digital broadcasting is tricky. With a Clear TV antenna, you must position the antenna in the optimal location for receiving the strongest signals from the nearest transmission towers within 30 miles of your home.

Weather and other atmospheric phenomena may still challenge the quality of reception on a daily basis, just as with rabbit-ears antennas. If you have an HD television manufactured after 2008, your television already possesses an ATSC tuner, which is similar to the Clear TV antenna. Granted, there is no guarantee that your HD television's tuner is sufficient on its own.

Clear TV offers an amplifier that boosts weak or intermittent signals. The Clear TV antenna, in combination with its amplifier, is still a cheaper alternative to cable or satellite and may more than satisfy frugal television lovers who don't require 600 different channels.