How Do You Clear Cookies on an IPad?

How Do You Clear Cookies on an IPad?

To clear the cookies from your iPad, open the settings on your iPad Web browser. Select the type of data you want to clear, and then click Clear Data. Removing cookies is required to prevent your iPad from sending data to websites.

  1. Open the Settings menu

    Turn on your iPad. Locate the Settings icon, a silver square with gears. Tap the icon.

  2. Open Safari settings

    Choose the Safari option from the list of applications. Safari is the default Web browser for the iPad, so it is the application responsible for storing cookies.

  3. Select the type of data you want to remove

    If your iPad is running the iOS 8 operating system or a later version, select Clear History and Website Data. If your iPad is running iOS 7 or an earlier version, select Clear Cookies and Data.

  4. Block cookies for future browsing

    If you don't want websites to receive data from your cookies, you can disable the cookies altogether. To disable cookies, open the Settings menu again. Tap on Safari, and then tap Block Cookies. Locate the four options for blocking cookies: Always Allow, Allow from Websites I Visit, Allow from Current Websites Only and Always Block. Choose the Always Block option.