How Do You Clear Your CMOS?

You can reset your CMOS using the options in the BIOS menu. Clearing the CMOS helps resolve any conflicts you have with certain programs on your computer.

  1. Restart the computer

    Restart the computer from the Windows Start button. In Windows 8, tap or click the power button on the Start screen. Next, tap or click Restart.

  2. Enter the setup menu

    Press the F2 key during the reboot process to access the setup menu. If the F2 key does not work, press the Del key. If neither keys work, look for messages on your screen as the system restarts, and press the correct key. Repeat the restart process if you see your Windows login screen. Consult your manual if you need help accessing the setup menu.

  3. Reset the BIOS

    Look for the reset option in the BIOS menu, such as "Reset to Default," "Load Setup Defaults" or "Clear BIOS Settings." Select the option using the arrow keys, and press Enter. Confirm the selection using the Enter key. The BIOS now uses factory-default settings.

  4. Reboot the computer

    Restart the computer, and log into your user account. Make sure previous issues have been resolved from conflicting applications, and uninstall them from the Control Panel.