How Do You Clear the Cache in Safari?


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To clear the cache in Safari, open the browser, and navigate to the Reset Safari menu option. In the resulting dialogue box, ensure the Empty the Cache option is selected. Click the Reset button to restart the browser, and delete stored cache files.

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  1. Open Safari

    Locate and open the Safari browser by clicking the desktop icon or navigating through File Explorer in Windows.

  2. Select the appropriate menu option

    Click on the Safari button, located at the top of the browser screen for Mac OX users. For users running a Windows operating system, click Edit in the upper left-hand portion of the browser.

  3. Choose the Reset Safari option

    Select the Reset Safari from the drop-down menu. This menu option is universal in Mac and Windows operating systems.

  4. Review dialogue box actions

    Upon selection, a dialogue box appears. All options are automatically selected. Carefully review the list to determine what should be deleted.

  5. De-select options

    Click on the options you do not wish to delete. However, be careful not to de-select the option labeled Empty the Cache.

  6. Review selected options

    Review the selected options. Be careful as specific options delete saved websites, passwords autofill text.

  7. Confirm selections

    After reviewing selections, click Reset in the lower right-hand corner of the dialogue box. Upon selection, the browser automatically restarts.

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