How Do You Clear Your Cache in Chrome?

As of November 2014, clear your cache in Google Chrome by clicking on the Chrome menu icon, selecting the appropriate cache-clearing menu choices, and then deleting various cache options. Some versions of Chrome may be different, but the basic process for clearing the cache is the same.

  1. Find the Chrome menu icon

    Locate the Chrome menu icon in the upper right corner of the browser, next to the address bar that goes across the top of the screen. Click on the three-barred icon to drop down a menu of options.

  2. Select the appropriate menu choice

    Find the word Tools or More Tools in the drop-down menu. Highlight that term and another small window opens next to the main menu. One phrase says Clear Browsing Data, and that selection opens a new window.

  3. Highlight cache-clearing options

    Eight check boxes, one drop-down menu and two buttons appear in a small pop-up window. The third checkbox from the top says Empty the Cache. Other versions say Cached Images and Files. You can also delete cookies, autofill form data, clear browsing history and download history. Choose to erase files from as recent as an hour ago or as far back as the beginning of time.

  4. Clear the cache

    Check the box next to Cache, determine the time frame of cached files you want to delete, and then click Clear Browsing Data. The process completes when you see the spinning icon stop and the small pop-up menu disappears.