How Do You Clean the Screen on a Tablet?


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To clean a tablet screen, use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the screen. If there are stubborn stains, mild soap and water may be used on the screen. Never use glass cleaner or other abrasive cleansers when cleaning a tablet.

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  1. Wipe the screen

    Wipe the screen with a dry, lint-free cloth. Apply slightly more pressure than you would when using the device normally but not enough to damage the screen.

  2. Wet a clean cloth

    To remove stubborn stains, wet the same cloth and wring it out. Wipe the screen with the wet cloth, paying special attention to stained areas.

  3. Buff away dirt

    Using a separate dry cloth, wipe the water off the screen. Dry in a circular motion to prevent water spots from forming.

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