How Do You Clean the Printheads on an Epson Stylus Printer?


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To clean the print heads in an Epson Stylus printer, run the Head Cleaning utility from the operating system, or start the cleaning process by holding down the Ink control panel button located on the printer. Once the process completes, print a test pattern to check whether it was effective, and reset the cleaning cycle in case it wasn’t.

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Before starting the cleaning process, turn on the printer, and replace the ink cartridge if the Ink Out light is flashing. Access the necessary printer software by selecting the Printers and Faxes option in the Control Panel, open the Utility tab, and click on the Head Cleaning button. Follow the instructions, and wait until the Power and Ink lights start flashing, which indicates that the cleaning process is under way. Once the lights stop flashing, select the Print Nozzle Check Pattern option from the Head Cleaning dialog box, and repeat the process if the pattern contains gaps.

To do this using the control panel buttons, turn on the printer, make sure that the Ink Out light is not flashing, and hold the Ink button for three seconds to initiate the cleaning cycle. Don’t turn off the printer during this process to avoid damaging the printer. If the test pattern shows gaps even after repeating the cleaning process several times, turn off the printer, wait one day, and check the pattern again. If the problem still persists, replace the ink cartridge.

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