How Do You Clean Out Your Computer Cache?

To clean out a PC computer’s cache from Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, and select Internet options to open the General tab. Click Delete Files, then click the OK button. To clear a cache on a Mac, open a Finder window. From the Go menu, choose the Go to Folder option. Enter the words “~/Library/Caches” and press Enter. Delete everything from the caches of each folder.

To clear the cache of a PC automatically after viewing a Web page, select the Internet Explorer tools menu and go to Internet options. Go to the General tab. Click the Settings button under the Temporary Internet Files section. Under the heading Check for Newer Versions of Stored Pages, choose the option that reads Every Visit to the Page, then press the OK button at the bottom of the box. Close the Internet options box.

A computer stores temporary Internet files in its cache, which is part of the computer’s memory. This speeds up the process of opening Web pages, as the computer does not have to retrieve the information from the Web every time, but rather uses the pages it has already stored. Seeing the most recent version of a website is the main reason to clear a computer’s cache.