How Do You Clean a Laptop Fan?


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To clean a laptop fan, shut the computer down, remove the battery and adapter, remove the access panel, blow out the fan with a can of compressed air, and replace the access panel. This is an easy process requiring a small screwdriver and a can of compressed air.

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  1. Prepare the computer

    Shut the computer down. Remove the battery and power cable, and turn the laptop upside down.

  2. Open the laptop

    On the outer edge of the laptop, you should see a vent for air. Near the air vent there should be a removable panel on the bottom of the computer. Using a small screwdriver, remove all of the screws. Be sure to put the tiny screws somewhere safe. Remove the access panel. The fan should be visible,

  3. Blow out the fan

    To prevent the workspace from getting dusty, bring the computer outside. Blow air towards the air vent. Move the can around, hitting the fan from all angles in short bursts. Avoid blowing air too close or hard, as it is possible to damage the fan.

  4. Put the computer back together

    Replace the access panel and its screws. Replace the battery and AC adapter, and turn on the computer. Monitor the laptop to ensure it now has proper airflow.

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