How Do You Clean a Laptop?

How Do You Clean a Laptop?

Keeping a laptop physically clean not only makes it look better, it also can prolong the life of the computer. Proper laptop cleaning involves as much preventive maintenance as it does actual cleaning.

  1. Turn the laptop off

    Save any work in progress and shut the system down. Part of cleaning involves wiping the screen, and liquid can seep down and damage internal components. Therefore, it's advised to turn the system off.

  2. Clean the screen

    Take a solution of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol, dip a lint-free cloth in it, wring the cloth out and wipe down the laptop screen. Then, dry any liquid off with a separate cloth. This removes smudges and prevents stains from lowering visibility of the screen.

  3. Clean crumbs and residue off the keyboard

    Use a can of compressed air to blow the crumbs sideways out of the keyboard. Don't aim down, it will force them into the interior. To prevent stains and crumbs from building up, avoid eating or drinking over the laptop keyboard and always wipe hands before typing or using the trackpad.

  4. Clean the vents

    Use the can of compressed air to blow dust out of the vents the same way the keyboard was cleaned. Aim sideways to prevent dust from going farther into the laptop. If it's visible behind the fan, the laptop will need to be disassembled.