How Do You Clean Canon Waste Ink Absorbers?


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To clean Canon waste ink absorbers that are made of foam, scrub gently with soap and warm water. Remove the ink absorbers from the printer for cleaning, and dry them completely before replacing them.

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To remove the ink absorbers from the Canon printer for cleaning, lift the plastic lid. After five seconds, the ink carriage should shift its position from the right to the left of the printer.

At the right end of the device, look for a square-shaped rubber frame. This frame contains the foam ink absorbers. To detach and remove the frame, gently tug it, pull towards the left, and lift the frame out of the printer. Pull the two ink absorbers from inside the frame. Dip the absorbers and the frame in a bowl of soap and water, and scrub all the pieces gently to remove the ink.

After cleaning, place the absorbers and the frame on a paper towel, and allow them to dry completely. Then replace the absorbers into the frame, and reposition the frame on the right end of the printer. Gently press the frame to lock it in its position, and close the printer lid.

Finally, reset the ink absorber code. To do this, press the power button of the printer, release it, and wait for five seconds. Press the power button once again.

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