How Do You Clean Audio Cassettes?


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When cleaning an audio tape, you need a microfiber cleaning cloth, an audio cassette tape and a pencil. Wind back your cassette tape in the tape deck, and then take away the cassette from the deck. Flip the cassette over to the side that is fully rewound.

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The rewound side will indicate all coiled tape on the left coil and the right coil will be empty. Sit down and place the cassette spine on your knees so that the tape will face up towards you.

Insert a pencil into the left reel, and then put a soft micro fiber cleaning cloth, such as 3M High performance, on top of the tape. Kink the pencil on a clockwise direction while faintly pressing down on the tape using the material. Continue twisting the pencil clockwise until all the tape has coiled up in the appropriate reel. The tape scrubs against the 3M cloth while it gets rid of any dirt or general debris from the tape.

Rewind the tape to the start, then forward to the end to flatten the tape. It is necessary to get rid of any wrinkles that formed once the tape came out. Reverse and fast-forward until the tape plays well.

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