What Classes Does the Hogwarts Online School Offer?


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At the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, students can take classes in subjects such as astronomy, charms, the history of magic, potions, transfiguration, herbology, alchemy and ancient runes. Each course is divided into nine lessons, complete with graded homework assignments, essays, tests and quizzes, and students complete first-year, 100-level courses before eventually taking fourth-year, 400-level courses.

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In the first year, Hogwarts students can take classes such as Charms, in which students learn the basics of spellcasting, and Defense Against the Dark Arts, which serves as an introduction to defensive magic, basic spell work, defense against various beasts and beings and general magic theory. In the second year, students can take the 200-level versions of classes such as Astronomy, Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Students can also take classes unavailable to first year students, such as Divination, Magical Art and Care of Magical Creatures.

Classes unique to third-year students include Ghoul Studies, in which students learn the evolution, existence and state of the standard ghoul, and Magical Transportation, which teaches students skills such as flying on brooms. In the fourth year, students can complete their training by learning food magic in Culinary Theory and the importance of the magic wand in Wandlore.

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