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ClassDojo gives teachers the ability to track students' daily behavior by giving them points for positive behavior and subtracting points for negative behavior. Parents review daily and weekly behavioral reports and communicate with teachers through the ClassDojo application or website from their smart phone or computer.

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ClassDojo is a free interactive classroom behavior management tool that claims to encourage students to maintain positive behavior by rewarding them with virtual points and allowing them to view customized ongoing reports. Reports show the percentage of total time in which the student's behavior was positive for a given day or week.

In 2015, ClassDojo expanded to include three types of accounts: teacher, student and parent. Teachers award individual students with points for behaviors such as teamwork, leadership and helping others. Negative behaviors include not following directions and being off task. Teachers also assign points for the entire class. They can send photos of students engaging in class and messages about behavior to parents in real time.

Students customize ClassDojo by choosing an avatar to represent themselves. Parents control the amount of identifying information stored in the application and can change privacy settings at any time. They may opt to receive weekly email reminders when a child's behavior report has been updated.

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