What Is the Citrix Access Platform Used For?


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Citrix Access Gateway provides secure, single-point access to information resources. The Gateway works regardless of the presence of firewalls, and it also supports any application or protocol. Access Gateway also reconnects users to applications when they make a change to their location and/or device, and it replicates the desktop experience on all mobile devices. The Gateway works with any application hosted on Citrix Presentation Server, Windows or UNIX, and also works on network file shares and direct-access apps.

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One benefit of the Gateway is that it ensures that all devices meet a company's security standards. It uses end-point scanning and a worm-blocking client for added security, and it also works with services that utilize VoIP softphones. Additionally, the system has an Advanced Access Control option that allows IT departments to block access to banned applications and allow access to accepted ones. It also controls the degree of user-action rights for every application.

The Access Gateway is often used by organizations that employ a number of remote workers or that allow employees to work remotely on a regular basis. The company installs the software on each employee's personal computing device, allowing a seamless transition from working in the office to working at home, with layers of security present to protect the company's information and resources.

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