What Does Cisco Connect Software Do?


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Cisco Connect is required during the installation of certain Cisco and Linksys routers, but it also helps the user set up and manage his wireless network. The software makes installing the router and getting online a simple step-by-step process. In some cases, the software may be called Linksys Connect.

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The Computers and Devices section of the software enables the user to see which computers are connected to the router. It also helps the user connect a new computer to his network. For users with children, the Parental Control section allows them to control how long their children can access the Internet. The user can enable guest access for a particular guest that uses the network frequently, and the Router Settings section allows the user to change the main network name and password of the router.

To install the router, the user must ensure that his modem is connected to his computer and has an active Internet connection before he connects the modem to the router with an Ethernet cable. The software can be installed by putting the CD or key that came with the router into the computer or by searching for the model number of the router on the Linksys website and downloading the software. The installation takes between five and 10 minutes, and the software creates a unique, secure password for the user automatically.

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