What Are Circuit Boards?


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Circuit boards, also known as printed circuit boards, are thin metal coated plates containing electronic components found in electronic and communication devices. The components transfer information and signals to each other and to external devices using etches made by acid on the metallic surface.

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What Are Circuit Boards?
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The circuit boards normally have components for input and output devices, memory chips and processors, as well as electrical components for resistors and capacitors. Advancement in technology has enabled circuit boards to become smaller and to contain more components. Technology has also made it possible for resistors and capacitors to connect directly to the circuit board, reducing the size of the circuits and enhancing their performance.

Circuit boards are found in most electronic devices and vary in type. The traditional computer motherboard contains circuits that connect to the central processing unit, to the memory and to the input and output devices. Daughter boards extend the functions of the motherboard through external hardware features, such as graphics, sound and networking. Flexible circuit boards are small, thin, light and flexible. They are used in devices like the smartphones and tablets. Other devices that use circuit boards are televisions, digital clocks, answering machines, stereos, microwave ovens and computer printers.

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