How Is the Chrysler Employee Dashboard Used?


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Employees use the Chrysler employee dashboard to access pay statements and employee discounts on services and products. An employee must have a user ID and a password to access the dashboard. Unauthorized use or access to the dashboard is prohibited.

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The employee dashboard was launched in March 2014 at the UAW-DaimlerChrysler annual meeting and joint conferences. An employee who already used computers at work was granted access to the dashboard using the password and user ID with which he accessed programs such as RUMBA and TMS at work. An employee who did not use computers at work received his user ID and password on his pay statement.

Any new Chrysler employee is required to call 866-822-3274 for assistance. The employee then follows a process that helps him remember his password in future. Since the company monitors the employee dashboard, an employee who does not comply with required regulations may face disciplinary action. The company can also open criminal or civil proceeding against anyone who accesses the dashboard illegally.

Employees can use the dashboard to access information such as health care benefits, retirement savings, training and education, vehicle purchases and lease programs, as well as various company directories and listings. Employees must use Internet Explorer to get optimum benefits from the dashboard. This is because the company has certified Internet Explorer as the standard browser.

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