How Does a Chromebook Compare to a Windows 8 Laptop?


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There are numerous opinions about how Google Chromebooks compare to Windows 8 laptops. However, many tech websites have concluded that Windows 8 machines generally outperform Chromebooks, which are typically less capable or slower at performing more complicated tasks.

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Many reviews state that Chromebooks are good for those looking for an inexpensive, basic laptop. In a 2014 comparison of the two operating systems, Digital Trends tested each OS against 11 different criteria, with the Windows 8 laptops winning six of the categories. The website noted that the Google Chromebooks performed the majority of basic tasks, such as document editing, Internet browsing and uploading, just as well as the Windows 8 laptops. However, the Chromebooks were lacking in areas such as photo or video editing and organizing stored data on the hard drive. The review also notes that Chromebooks are limited by the small amount of software available.

While TechRadar acknowledges these same problems, they also point out that Chromebooks are rapidly improving, and the amount of software available for them is quickly growing. As more manufacturers continue to produce Chromebooks with better hardware and capabilities, they could continue to grow in popularity, especially for users that only need a device with basic functionality.

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