How Do You Choose a Wireless Router?

How Do You Choose a Wireless Router?

To choose a wireless router, check the speed ratings, find out about the popular models, insist on a warranty, factor in size and style, and come up with a budget. Avoid purchasing a wireless router based on someone else’s opinion, as many factors affect a router's performance.

  1. Check the speed ratings

    Wi-Fi router speeds range from 11 megabits per second to up to 450 megabits per second. Mid-range routers work well for most people. The average router performance is often much lower than the maximum speed rating indicated. This means that routers with high speed ratings may not always be worth the extra cost.

  2. Find out about the popular models

    Router models that sell well usually perform well. Opt for popular models unless you have special networking needs. In that case, look into cutting-edge technology and high-performance routers.

  3. Insist on a warranty

    Insist on a warranty when you purchase a router. Longer warranties may mean that the manufacturer invests more in supporting its products.

  4. Factor in size and style

    Wireless routers are usually installed in areas where they are visible. A stylish router can add aesthetic value to the home or office.

  5. Come up with a budget

    Shop around to find the best deal on your router. Look for rebates and other discounts on specific models in which you may be interested.