How Do You Choose a Wireless Phone Plan?


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While price is always important when choosing a wireless plan, also consider factors like coverage, data allowances and contract length. If you use your phone mainly for talking and texting, you can save money by choosing a more basic wireless plan. However, if you expect to use most or all of a smartphone's applications and functionality, choose a plan with sufficient amounts of high-speed data.

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How Do You Choose a Wireless Phone Plan?
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Most cell phone carriers offer a variety of plans to suit the needs of most users. For heavy users, unlimited talk and text plans ensure that you'll never go over a minute allowance and rack up extra charges. Light users may be satisfied with cheaper plans that offer a limited number of minutes each month.

Data usage can vary widely from one user to the next. While many smartphones offer the ability to play videos and games online, larger phones that support high-definition streaming use significantly more data. Some plans offer tiered data access, giving users a few gigabytes of high-speed 4G data each month and then switching down to slower 3G speeds once that limit is reached. If your plan charges for extra megabytes of data, make sure you monitor your usage carefully to avoid large fees.

Some plans also offer frequent phone upgrades, allowing you to take advantage of new technology. Be aware, though, that these plans usually come with higher monthly charges.

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