How Do You Choose Which Verizon Phone Is Right for You?


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Choosing the right Verizon cell phone for your needs requires balancing your budget with the phone's features and the available service plans for Verizon's phones. It is also important to consider whether phones using a particular operating systems are better suited to your needs.

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One of the first decisions before purchasing a Verizon cell phone is whether a prepaid or contract service model is more suitable for your needs. Prepaid phones are often cheaper in the long run than phones with a service contract, but there is also usually a higher upfront cost for the device.

Once you have determined which plan is appropriate, consider your needs and wants in terms of your new phone's functionality. People who solely make voice calls may be well-served by a simple flip phone, while those who frequently surf the Web and handle email from their phones should consider a smartphone. It is generally best to get the most recent phone model that your budget allows to avoid your new phone becoming prematurely obsolete.

If you have used a particular phone operating system, such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone, extensively on your previous phone, think twice before purchasing a phone with a different operating system. It is likely that few, if any, apps and purchases that are tied to the operating system of your older phone can be transferred to a new phone with a different operating system.

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