How Do You Choose a Tablet?


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Users should choose a tablet with specifications and features that meet their needs, preferences and budget. Key factors to consider include screen size, processing speed, operating system and storage options. Users must also choose between Wi-Fi-only and cellular models, based on how they want to go online with a tablet.

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Depending on its use, the size of the tablet screen is important. Smaller tablets are more portable and can fit in small pockets and purses. They're also less stressful to carry for long periods of time. Larger tablets appeal to those wanting a larger display when watching movies or playing games. Large tablets also tend to feature more ports and faster internal components.

Another important consideration is the operating system installed in the tablet. Each mobile platform has its strengths and weaknesses and may offer apps not found in other platforms. As of 2014, the Apple iOS in iPad tablets is known for its clean and intuitive interface, whereas the Android OS offers advanced customizations and seamless integration with Google services. Some tablets run Windows, which offers a more traditional computing experience.

Users must also factor in the available storage options of a tablet. Storing several apps and multimedia files requires a large internal storage, which can be expanded via an optional microSD slot or through cloud storage.

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