How do you choose a short hair style?


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Face shape and hair texture play a major role in choosing a short hairstyle. Short pixie cuts are best for women with heart or oval faces. Chin-length bobs or shag cuts work well for long faces. A style an inch or two below the chin works best for round faces.

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How do you choose a short hair style?
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Considering the texture of the hair is also important when choosing a short hairstyle. Straight, fine hair works well with most short cuts. Wavy hair can also work well with short hair with the right styling tools.

Women with coarse or curly hair may have a more difficult time finding a short style that works with the texture. Curls often get frizzy with a short style. Coarse hair usually looks better in a style that is a few inches below the chin. The extra length helps weigh down the coarse hair.

Once a person has a general idea of what looks best for her face shape and hair texture, she can browse through images of short hairstyles. Saving the photos allows her to compare the different styles and choose which one looks best.

An online virtual hairstyle tool is an easy way to see what a short hairstyle looks like on a particular person. The tool allows the user to upload a head shot and test out different hairstyles on her own face. Another option is a consultation with a hairstylist to recommend a short hairstyle for the customer.

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