How Do You Choose a Long Distance Carrier?


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Choose a long distance carrier by first figuring out what your calling patterns are. This includes where you call most frequently (which can be within or outside the state), time when you call and how often you make the calls. Take a look at several of your recent phone bills to see on where you spent the most money. Then compare different long distance providers to determine which one meets your personal long distance calling needs, says Easycall.

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If you are looking to subscribe for intrastate calls, Easycall recommends that you check on Pioneer, which is designed specifically to provide low in-state rates. The website further recommends that you use a dial-around service, such as prepaid long distance, if the lowest rate you can find for intrastate calls is more than $0.05 per minute.

Other long distance packages cover interstate and international calls. The interstate calls are those outside your state but within the United States. These are the rates mostly advertised by carriers. As a wise shopper, you should consider more than just the rates offered in selecting your carrier.

International calls are those made outside the United States. Many carriers provide plans for international rates, which are subject to additional fees. However, according to Easycall, you can do better on international calls using calling cards or dial-around services.

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