How Do You Choose a Laptop for Children?


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Choose a lightweight laptop with kid-friendly controls, a durable outside and easy-to-clean keys when shopping for a child. Consider how your child plans to use the laptop to choose an ideal model.

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How Do You Choose a Laptop for Children?
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The child's age is a factor in selecting the best laptop. A young child who doesn't have as much motor control needs a durable laptop with controls that are easy to use. An older child who takes the computer to school benefits from a lightweight laptop that is easy to carry. If the child uses a lot of software programs or uses several programs at once, a laptop with higher RAM can help the computer run better.

A laptop with durable hardware is important for a child of any age. A solid-state drive, or SSD, holds up to the rough treatment that can come from kids better than a mechanical hard drive, also known as an HDD. An SSD doesn't have as much storage space as an HDD, so you may need external storage, particularly for older kids who need to store school work, photos or videos.

Another consideration is whether or not to get a touch screen laptop. Young children may have an easier time navigating with the tablet-like controls of a touch screen laptop. Check the battery life of models you're considering. A long battery life is beneficial for a child who brings the laptop to school or forgets to plug in the computer.

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