How Do You Choose a Good Remote Support Technician?


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You can choose the right remote support technician for your business or company by considering the availability of the agents, average response time, success rate and knowledge levels. Compare these factors against the cost of the technician or support service to determine if the quality and experience justifies the price.

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Many companies use remote support technicians as a means of cutting costs on employing full-time support staff or paying physical technicians to visit the work site, as remote technicians do not have to account for transportation costs. As such, one important factor to consider when choosing a technician is availability, as you need to know that you can reach the agent at any time in the event of a serious matter. Similarly, also think about the average response time when you reach out to the technician, as some companies may claim to offer 24-hour access but actually take several hours to respond to a service request.

Once the agent responds to the call, track how long it takes to resolve the issues along with checking the actual solution itself. If the technician completes the process quickly, but does not adequately resolve the matter, it undermines the fast work time. The pricing plan for the technician or the support agency is also important, particularly as it relates to the other factors. For example, if you pay the technician on an hourly rate, you want to ensure that she doesn't inflate her actions to take longer than they should.

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