How Do You Choose a Good Cordless Phone for the Home?

How Do You Choose a Good Cordless Phone for the Home?

Choose a good home cordless phone by deciding how many extensions are needed and which features you want. Consider usability issues, look for a model with a battery backup, and select a well-rated brand. Some of the brands commonly available include AT&T, VTech, Panasonic, Motorola and Clarity.

Cordless phones are available as a single base with one phone or a set wiith multiple extensions, which can be more convenient for use in larger homes with sets available from two extensions to six or more.

Most cordless phones come with standard features such as caller ID, speaker phone and ringers in both the base and handset, but many have additional features. Usually, phones with more features cost more. Some optional features available include a liquid crystal display screen that allows you see personal phone directories, call information and equipment status, dual line support for an extra phone line, multiple voicemail boxes, and advanced playback controls.

For people with disabilities, usability features such as large button keypads and bigger view screens may be a necessity. Large families may want multiple voicemail boxes so they can have private messages or not have to go through the whole family's messages.

VTech is a leading brand that produces its own phones and those for the AT&T brand. Panasonic is good but usually more expensive, and Clarity makes phones almost entirely for those with visual and hearing impairments.